Statement on Family Separations

Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson stands with millions of people across the country, and the world, against separating families. It is urgent that we fight back against policies of separation and deportation, as it always has been.

Children are being torn away from their parents at the border every day.

The administration’s new “zero tolerance” policy seeks to criminally prosecute every adult who crosses the border. The conditions that people are fleeing from — violence, poverty, and instability rooted in inUS imperialism — are ignored.

Children are detained, locked in cages, assigned numbers, prevented from hugging or comforting each other, and shipped to facilities across the country.

Over 300 children have been shipped to New York State. One child who we know of is being detained right here in Kingston while his mother is awaiting prosecution across the country in Washington State. She went weeks without knowing where he was.

We believe that families belong together. We don’t believe that children should be locked in cages, and we don’t believe that adults should be either. We are working with local and national partners to most meaningfully leverage our people power on June 30th for a national day of action.

But children are not only being separated from their parents at the border each day — it is in their homes, at their workplaces, on the streets, and in courthouses. We know that the root causes of family separation is deeper, and much older, than this administration.

When we have defeated the current separation of families at the border, we will still have to fight immigration policy that separates and deports families all over the country each day.

These policies precede Trump. Prior administrations, from both political parties, deported millions of immigrants during their terms. When we have a new president, we will still have to fight immigration policy that separates and deports families all over the country each day.

We need permanent protections for all current and future undocumented immigrants of all ages.

We need a mass movement led by immigrants to have the power to win these protections. We are working to build that movement in the Hudson Valley by growing our membership and developing leaders from immigrant communities, and together, we have identified two campaigns that can win real protections for undocumented people and help build our collective power for a deeper change: driver’s licenses for all New Yorkers and municipal IDs for cities across the Hudson Valley.

Our campaigns are rooted in the belief that families belong together.

As there is, rightfully so, a growing desire from many allies locally to take action to stop the separation of children and parents at the border, we hope everyone also sees the need to take action for the campaigns that deliver concrete protections to immigrants locally and facilitate a growing immigrant-led movement in the Hudson Valley connected to immigrant-led organizing statewide and nationally.

Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson and other New York immigrant-based organizations representing hundreds of thousands of immigrants have and will continue to fight for driver’s licenses as a real protection for undocumented people.

And at a recent Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson action, over 200 directly impacted immigrants who live in Middletown showed up to a city council meeting to demand a municipal ID because it is a a real local protection that we can win.

Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson believes we can win Municipal IDs in Poughkeepsie this summer, and from there, win municipal IDs in Newburgh, Kingston, Beacon, Middletown, and beyond, and we hope that you will stand with us to do that.

Stay tuned for more on ways to show up to fight the family separations on June 30th, and more on how to support municipal IDs in the Hudson Valley soon after.