Moving money is a critical part of building people power. Raising more money brings social justice organizations more capacity, which in turn allows them to better fulfill their missions. Moving money is also a way to move people: We’ve mobilized hundreds of people to take other actions after they first became involved as volunteer fundraisers.

NLMH has created a highly successful grassroots fundraising program in a very short period of time. Just several years ago, we had no staff and no grassroots fundraising income or donors. Yet in 2017, we raised over $114,700 from over 1,200 donors. Although we are a local organization, 60% of our donations are from outside of New York State, and we have donors in 42 states. Our fundraising takes place almost exclusively through volunteers, with very little staff time being used. Most of those volunteers have been college students.

Students have always played a role in social movements, and today is no different. They are often looking for some way to participate in social justice work. Grassroots fundraising presents an opportunity to channel that desire into material contributions while stepping into the work of movement-building.

We believe building the movement’s grassroots fundraising capacities to be an essential part of building power for social change. Beyond raising money to sustain our work at Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson, we are working to transform volunteers into lifelong movement contributors as fundraisers, donors, and active participants.

We see our grassroots fundraising program, “Powering the Movement,” as one of our programmatic work areas, building up the movement we need to win a world where people come before profit. In addition to our two fundraising team drives per year, we offer free individual training, organizational consulting, and public education about grassroots fundraising. We train hundreds of individuals in grassroots fundraising each year.

To learn more about how you can get involved, fill out this form. Organizations we have provided grassroots fundraising consulting to so far include United Community Centers, The Sanctuary for Independent Media, The Worker Justice Center of New York, and Rise Up Kingston. To request an organizational consultation, fill out this form.