Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson, in coalition with Community Voices heard, is a co-founder of the Hudson Valley Hate Free Zone.

The Hudson Valley Hate Free Zone is a network of people, institutions, and businesses who have committed to stand with communities that are under attack. Not just a declaration,  a Hate Free Zone is the practice of building a community defense system that will allow us to protect our communities from workplace raids, deportations, mass criminalization, violence, and systemic violation of our rights and dignity.

This network, modeled after the work of DRUM in New York City, will help connect and support the many efforts underway in the Hudson Valley right now.

In this period of uncertainty and attacks on many of our communities (immigrants, Black people, Muslims, Jews, LGBTQ people, women, Latin@s, workers, youth, and many others), it is more critical than ever that those at risk in the coming months and years build a culture of solidarity and grow their commitment to love and protect each other.

To pledge to support the Hate Free Zone, and to get updates, fill in the below form.


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