People’s Power

Utilities are a necessity for working people. That’s why we’re fighting for affordable, sustainable, and just utility rates and energy policies.

The Problem

Central Hudson makes massive profits bringing Poughkeepsie area residents electricity and heat. While they look after their bottom line, thousands of people face insecurity and displacement throughout the Poughkeepsie area.

Thousands cannot afford their utility payments. Thousands face shutoffs. Thousands of low-income folks cannot get the support they need. And very few people can get Central Hudson to actually listen to them.

This crisis disproportionately impacts working class communities of color living on Poughkeepsie’s North Side. While the utility system would not be possible without public support, corporations like Central Hudson reap the rewards and leave communities behind. Not only does Central Hudson put profit before people, they put their profit before the environment and a sustainable future.

The Solution

While ratepayers have the Utility Bill of Rights and the Public Service Commission on paper, we know that Central Hudson still has the upper hand. It will take people power to win justice for our communities and put our rights to work.

We are uniting and organizing Central Hudson customers to fight back. By collectively demanding lower rates, more assistance programs, and better policies, we can improve our lives, prevent displacement, and put people and the environment before profit.

To learn more about your rights as a Central Hudson customer, click here! 

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