Central Hudson Reducing Shutoffs: In Total, of People of Color, and during Winter

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 12.27.33 PMIn December 2015, Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson successfully petitioned the New York Public Service Commission, the state’s utility regulator, to conduct a public investigation into the Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp for possible illegal shutoffs and racial discrimination. In September 2017, the investigation concluded, and the results were released: Central Hudson shuts off more customers, and at a lower debt threshold, than other utilities; conducts more winter shut offs; and conducts disproportionate shutoffs in zip codes inhabited by a larger-than-average population of color. Central Hudson is making policy changes as a result of the investigation. These policy changes should result in fewer people of color having their power shut off, fewer people being shut off during the hazardous winter months, and significantly fewer people having their power shut off each year. You can read our full statement here.

Fighting Back Against the School-to-Prison Pipeline


Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson supported Poughkeepsie parents and students in creating a social justice policy platform and secured the endorsement of that platform by two challenger school board candidates. In May 2017, we helped those school board candidates unseat two long-time incumbents (of 6 and 12 years) who opposed the key demand of the platform: to shut down the PACE program, a discriminatory “alternative” middle-high school education track contributing to the school-to-prison pipeline.




A $69 Million Victory for Low-Income Utility Customers


In June 2015, the New York Public Service Commission, the state’s utility regulator, created a proposal to modify low-income energy assistance programs—without soliciting input from low-income people. Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson led a statewide campaign of direct action and mobilization to public hearings that resulted in the May 2016 expansion of the Public Service Commission’s proposal by $69 million in funding and 550,000 eligible households.



Protecting Utility Affordability

In June 2015, we defeated Central Hudson’s proposed 17% increase in the basic service charge, a regressive flat fee charged monthly no matter how much energy a customer uses. Through marching on Central Hudson, testifying before the Public Service Commission, speaking to the media, and submitting public comments against the increase, our members’ voices were heard.

Over the course of the year, we also helped over 50 households prevent or reverse shutoffs by Central Hudson.



Vacant and Foreclosed Properties Bond Ordinance

In November 2014, the Poughkeepsie Common Council voted unanimously in favor of a Vacant and Foreclosed Properties Bond Ordinance that Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson proposed to the City.