Meet Our Supporters

We couldn't exist without the support of our donors and volunteers, so we made this page to celebrate them.

We asked them to tell us why they support us, to tell us what excites them about our work. Here are their answers.

Getting at the roots of the problem and doing splendid political education around these issues. Empowering constituents to fight back!

Robert Fisher

Professor of Community Organization,

UConn School of Social Work

There is such a tangible impact and culture of the grassroots, from the ground-up we can rebuild people’s lives and provide capacity in ways where the livelihood of people is not dependent on people who may have ulterior motives. For the people, by the people.

Uzoma Bailey Ayogu

Co-founder & CTO, Releaf


I support Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson because this small young grassroots organization has harnessed the power of local low-income residents to successfully fight for justice. I also value NLMH because it decided to shift its focus from evictions to power shut-offs because that is what its constituents were most concerned about. Thank you for your work.

Jamie Levato
Education Director, Poughkeepsie Farm Project
Investing in communities of color means investing in leadership of color. I love Nobody Leaves! As a white person with class privilege in a multiracial and multi-classed movement, fundraising is the work that’s mine to do.

Paul Mersfelder

Fundraising Team Leader

I am involved in fundraising because I am committed to the work of NLMH, and without fundraising the work is impossible. Even though I work and solicit donations in part from locally committed people in a distressed community, I make the ask (gently) by explaining the work and accomplishments of NLMH and end with this: While many people and organizations are trying to do something, NLMH combines serious planning and strategic thinking; relationship- and skill-building within the organization and communities; advocacy, protest and case work. It is rooted in the lives of ordinary people in particular communities in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Peggy Kahn

Fundraising Team Member

NLMH understands the reality many low-income people of color face in the Mid-Hudson area and is doing all the right things to make the area a better place for people who deserve a better quality of living. I fundraise because I hope those who are more privileged can recognize the issues people in their community face everyday and contribute to making a meaningful change. We have the power to change and NLMH shows how powerful we can be when people come together.
Melissa Hoffmann

Fundraising Team Member

Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson is on the front lines doing critical work for immigrant, economic, and racial justice. I am proud to support an organization fighting to keep  families and communities safe, healthy, and intact. 

Hannah Matsunaga

The biggest factor, for me, in deciding to fundraise for NLMH was how it’s led, largely, by people of color and individuals that are otherwise, often, excluded from positions of power. I think donating to organizations that are organizing this way, and helping to raise funds, is one important way people with privilege can contribute to movements for racial, social and economic justice.

Brandon Costelloe-Kuehn

Fundraising Team Member

I found out about Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson in my first months at Vassar College. The people I met from within the organization quickly became an integral support system for me. When interned at NLMH months later,  I found that this support extends to multitudes of folks in the hudson valley. NLMH is doing important and necessary grassroots organizing that we all stand to benefit from.

Maimuna Touray

Intern & Fundraising Team Leader

Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson works to provide a quality livelihood for people of color and people from low-income backgrounds. This work is powerful, important. They come from the communities that they help, give hope to communities, and motivate people from all backgrounds to think of people from historically marginalized and oppressed populations. NLMH is an organization that’ll make incredible changes with any amount that you can afford to donate. Don’t hesitate to donate!

Carmen Kloer

I live in New York City, but often visit the Hudson Valley and am aware of the deep connection between our communities. The issues we face in NYC – including the marginalization of communities of color, racism, gentrification, housing discrimination, and the targeting of immigrant communities – are just as pervasive, if not worse, in many communities just north of us. It is important to me to support the work of organizations across our state, especially those who are working in smaller, less-resourced communities. Keep up the good work!


I am a proud supporter of Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson because it provides a vital voice for marginalized voices in our community. I can know that my donations are going to important causes like demanding better utility rates for those who cannot afford them and face energy shutoffs, advocating for undocumented immigrants’ rights, and fighting for children’s rights to a quality education. Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson not only lets me know that they appreciate my donations, but they also tell me where my money goes, which makes me feel good that my donations are appreciated and are being used to achieve a positive goal.

Miranda Villesvik

For me, what drew me to support you guys was that, in a world filled with “social justice” organizations engaging in surface-level, performative work to build their own brands, NLMH struck me as the rare organization doing it the right way: facing issues that harm communities, addressing the deeper structures that create that suffering, and building a sustainable political movement to transform these structures, led by those most affected by them.

Kel Beatty

I support Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson because I think that housing should be a right and not a commodity. NLMH has the right orientation on how to fight displacement: outward-oriented community organizing, movement coalition work, and direct action. I donate regularly in solidarity from San Francisco, where we are also fighting against the eviction and pricing-out of our friends and neighbors.

John West

NLMH works at the most grassroots level to help overlooked and struggling members of our community. Fundraising made me feel like I made a difference in people’s lives in the Hudson Valley. What’s great about fundraising is anyone can do it to make positive and real change!
Kelly Vinett

Fundraising Team Member

Seemed like a great cause to support a group of people that don’t generally have people advocating for them.

Michael Mann

Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson is a very exciting organization; the work it does places the power of change into the hands of those who deserve it. Especially during a time of such political turmoil, it is so critical for communities to unify and take a strong stance on issues that really matter. Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson is a true testament to the power of community, even in the face of adversity.

Henry Gilbert

Fundraising Team Member

I support Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson because it is an honest, impactful organization leveraging community power to support residents of the Mid-Hudson Valley in tangible, responsible ways. The campaigns Nobody Leaves runs—fighting for a clean DREAM act that protects all undocumented immigrants and for robust, equitable social services throughout the Hudson Valley, from utilities to public education—are crucial to creating more just cities in the area and present a model for community organizations elsewhere. Especially encouraging to me is the commitment Nobody Leaves has made to taking leadership from those with the most at stake in the work they do.

Henry Rosen

There doesn’t seem to be much government funded programming to help the community and its pretty cool to have a local organization do just that and more.

Olivia Zane

I went to Vassar College and it didn’t seem like there were many actual efforts to help the community. A couple of my friends got involved and I loved how a local organization was willing to help in the local region and felt it honest to see their efforts.

Kimberly Carlson

Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson is on the front lines doing critical work for immigrant, economic, and racial justice. I am proud to support an organization fighting to keep  families and communities safe, healthy, and intact. 

Hannah Matsunaga

I support Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson because the grassroots organization advocates for those who are continually overlooked and displaced. NLMH is empowering and fights for change that is needed.

Stephanie Palma