Join Our Sustainer Club

Our sustainer club is made up of people who have made a commitment to supporting our work each month, each quarter, or each year. Their continued support ensures our long-term stability as an organization and allows us to build the people power necessary to win meaningful change on both the local and statewide level.

Become a sustainer by starting a recurring donation today!


Because we’re a grassroots organization working to build a movement for racial, gender, and economic justice, we are made up of individual people who come together to fight for change. And we want to be funded by those individuals too. 

We want to have a broad base of donors so that we are not held accountable to one or two foundations or major donors, but instead to all of our members and supporters. 

Recurring donations ensure that we have a steady flow of income that we can count on throughout the year so that we can become a sustainable organization. That’s why we call our group of recurring donors the Sustainer Club — because they literally sustain and fuel our work. 

Our sustainers can either sign up for an automatic donation online or send a one-time check contribution to us with a note declaring they would like to be part of our Sustainer Club. 

On our online donation page, sustainers can choose the amount, length, and frequency of their contribution. Our sustainers’ gifts range from $3 to $1,000 per month — with being a small organization, every dollar counts.

If you become a sustainer online, your debit or credit card will be charged automatically based on the frequency you choose — between every week, month, quarter, and year.

Regardless of how you become a sustainer, you will receive a receipt of your gift at the start of your donation and at the beginning of each year. We’ll also be sending you a sticker and regular updates on the work you help make possible.

Yes! Your recurring donation is by no means set in stone. You can email at any time to increase, change, or cancel your donation.