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We're looking for INTERNS!

We’re launching an “Organizing Bootcamp” remote summer internship! 

Given the rapidly changing conditions of health and public safety, we are designing a new program that aims to develop the skills and political orientation of interns while engaging them in meaningful work to advance the organization. 

Interns will have the chance to participate in all areas of our work and get to know the ins and outs of a grassroots organization fighting for social change. 

This summer, we are working on a number of organizing projects including responding to the COVID-19 crisis, ensuring a full count in the census, and winning three state senate seats. This work will require intensive outreach, and given the reality of social distancing, a lot of phonebanking!  

We will continue to build the sustainable organization we need to win big fights. In order to do this, interns will help prepare for and execute an ambitious fundraising drive to raise $200,000 in one week. They will also complete administrative and communications tasks to build up the infrastructure of the organization. 

We will build and develop the skills, knowledge, and analysis necessary to become effective organizers. This summer, we will invest in extensive political education and skill development in order to prepare our interns to take on leadership roles within the fall semester. We will also make sure to carve out time for community building and fun, too! 

Interns will get to learn fundamental skills of organizing for change, participate in political development, and be a critical part of one of the fastest-growing organizations in the Hudson Valley.


  • Political Education
    • Complete assigned readings, podcasts, and movies
    • Participate in weekly political education workshops
    • Research, design, and facilitate political education workshops
  • Organizing Activities
    • Phonebank for a variety of purposes, including volunteer recruitment, mutual aid & census outreach, and voter persuasion for 90 minutes a day
    • Plan and facilitate regular online trainings and meetings for volunteers 
    • Building relationships with potential volunteers through one-to-one conversations and follow up
  • Grassroots Fundraising
    • Participate in our Summer Fundraiser by asking personal networks to donate, as well as phonebanking through past donors
    • Assist with administrative tasks, including data entry and management
  • Miscellaneous Tasks
    • Complete administrative and communications tasks as needed
    • Contribute to research projects as needed


  • Commitment to working at least 4 hours per week with Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson in the Fall Semester of 2020 in addition to interning this summer
  • High level of flexibility to work on a variety of tasks and adapt to changing conditions (especially given this political moment!)
  • Commitment to learn new skills, lean into discomfort, and use challenges as opportunities for growth
  • Consistency in bringing a problem-solving orientation and creativity to shifting challenges and responsibilities
  • Strong interpersonal skills, willing to talk to strangers and able to communicate ideas to different audiences
  • Commitment to creating and modeling a culture of consistency, accountability, appreciation, joy, responsiveness, and respect
  • Comfort and access to using technology
  • Initiative to bring the high level of energy and attention to detail to all aspects of work
  • Ability to work independently, as a part of a team, and/or with close supervision

ELIGIBILITY: Any age from anywhere as long as you’re invested in the mission of Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson and are committed to being a part of the organization beyond the summer! 

STRUCTURE: We will be facilitating daily group check-ins to start and finish each shift over Zoom. There will be additional one-on-one check-ins and group meetings as needed. 

LOCATION: Anywhere! 


  • Internship will run June 3rd — August 14th.
  • Interviews will be rolling.

HOURS: 20 hours per week, 2pm – 7pm EST, Mondays through Thursdays. 

FUNDING: At the moment, we cannot provide funding for interns. We have compiled information about other funding opportunities:


New Paltz:


summer program faqs

We are open to working with people to increase the number of hours per week depending on availability, experience with the organization, and skills.

If you’re excited about our work and ready to commit to working with us over the fall semester, we encourage you to reach out and let us know about your constraints. We’ll do our best to try to make it work!

In the case that it becomes safe to conduct in-person activities, we’d love interns to be in the Hudson Valley to participate in our field operations but our remote internship will continue as planned.

We see this remote internship as an opportunity to develop organizers, people who will take on leadership roles within Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson. This intensive “Organizer Bootcamp” will require high staff capacity to facilitate, and as such, we want to ensure that we are able to translate that into action to move our work forward as an organization.

You’re welcome to apply to our internship. We would still ask you to commit to being involved from afar in the Fall semester given the amount of time and resources we’re putting in to developing your skills as an organizer!

We’d ask you to commit to working with us when you return in the spring!

At the moment, we cannot provide funding for interns. We have compiled information about other funding opportunities:


Internship Grant Fund – Rolling applications start in March

Community Fellows – March 29 Deadline

New Paltz:

CAS Internship Stipend – April 24 Deadline


Community Action Awards – April 3 First Round Deadline, April 24 Second Round Deadline

Interested in the semester?