Housing For All

Housing for all

Our current housing system is set up to enrich the few instead of providing affordable, sustainable, and accessible housing for all. Half of New York State is paying more in rent than they can afford. Millions of families don’t have any rights to renew their lease, and are living in constant fear of eviction. Nearly 100,000 people in New York are homeless, including many children. 

We’re fighting back in statewide and local campaigns to win housing for all – including through stronger tenant protections, an end to evictions, public housing, and an end to homelessness. 

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We won City Council resolutions from Beacon and Kingston to support Universal Rent Stabilization and Control.
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In late 2014, we passed a city ordinance requiring banks in Poughkeepsie to post a $10,000 bond to the city for each foreclosed or vacant property they own.
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