Green Light Call In Day

Call-in Day for Green Light New York: Driving Together

The Green Light NY Driving Together Campaign needs you to show your support for NYS expanding access to driver’s licenses. 

 Please make 2 calls today: 

1. Your Senator (can be found here) 

2. Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (518) 455-2585

We want to make sure they hear from allies, directly affected community members, other elected officials, and community leaders. So make your voice heard and ask your friends to join you! 

Below is a sample script with the phone number to call


My name is (YOUR NAME) and I am from (YOUR CITY OR TOWN) I am one of the thousands of residents who support expanding access to licenses for undocumented New York residents. This will make our roads safer, it will allow people to follow the same process as everyone else and keep families together.  The bill number is S01747. This bill is important to me because (REASON YOU SUPPORT LICENSES)Our community can not wait any longer, I urge you to sign on as a co-sponsor and take action to pass S01747 as soon as possible. Can we count on you to support expanded access to driver’s licenses?


Thank you! We look forward to working together with you to get S01747 passed! The Green Light Coalition will be in Albany March 12th and we hope to count on your support.


Can you add me to the list of supporters please?


Mi nombre es (SU NOMBRE) soy de (SU CIUDAD O PUEBLO). Soy uno de los miles de residentes que apoyan expandir el acceso a licencias de conducir para incluir a los indocumentados.  Esta ley hará más seguras nuestras calles, permitirá que las todas las personas sigan  el mismo proceso que los demás y se mantendrán unidas las familias. El número de la propuesta de ley es S01747. Esta propuesta me importa porque (RAZON POR LA CUAL USTED APOYA LICENCIAS). Nuestra comunidad ya no puede esperar, le imploro que se anote como patrocinador y tomar acción para pasar la legislación S01747 lo más pronto posible. ¿Podemos contar con usted para apoyar expansión de acceso a las licencias de conducir? 


¡Gracias! Esperamos con mucha anticipación trabajar juntos con usted para aprobar a S01747.  La Coalición de luz verde va a estar en Albany el 12 de Marzo y esperamos contar con su apoyo. 


¿Me puede agregar a la lista de partidarios por favor?

Please share a picture or video of your phone call on social media and tag us and your state representative!

Benefits of Driver's Licenses

Allow undocumented immigrants to drive to work, worship, school, and in emergencies without the increased risk of arrest and deportation.

Make all of us safer — ensuring that all drivers can be properly licensed, informed of traffic laws, and operate a registered, inspected, and insured vehicle.

Lower insurance premiums for all New Yorkers, by a moderate estimate of $17 per person each year.

Economic boom with $57 million in combined annual revenue.

Need for Driver's Licenses

752,000 undocumented immigrant New Yorkers over the age of 16 are currently barred from obtaining driver's licenses due to their immigration status.

Unlicensed immigrants often risk driving because they lack public transportation alternatives and must travel to meet their basic daily needs.

Immigrants without identification or permission to drive fear simple interactions with police, such as a traffic violation, will put them at risk of deportation .