MAY 4TH: Call-in Day for Green Light New York: Driving Together

Skoufis' District

The Green Light NY Driving Together Campaign needs you to show your support for NYS expanding access to driver’s licenses. On Friday May 4th, call Assemblymember James Skoufis, to ask for his support on this critical legislation! 

We want to make sure he hears from allies, directly affected community members, other elected officials, and community leaders.


Below is a sample script with the phone number to call (in English and Spanish)


My name is (YOUR NAME) and I am from (LOCATION IN STATE)I am calling to express my support for A10273, a bill introduced by Assemblymember Crespo with 16 co-sponsors that would ensure equal access to standard driver’s licenses for all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status. This bill is important to me because (REASON YOU SUPPORT LICENSES). As a member of the transportation committee, will you support A10273 being reported to the floor?


Thank you! We look forward to working together with you to get A10273 passed!


What additional information do you need about the bill to address your concerns? Is there someone in your office our campaign can follow up with?



Mi nombre es (SU NOMBRE) soy de (ÁREA DONDE VIVE). Estoy llamando para expresar mi apoyo para A10273, un proyecto de ley que fue introducido por el Asambleísta Marcos Crespo con 16 copatrocinadores que garantiza la igualdad de acceso a las licencias de conducir estándar para todos los residentes de Nueva York, sin importar su situación inmigratoria. Esta propuesta me importa porque (RAZON POR LA CUAL USTED APOYA LICENCIAS). Como miembro del comité de transporte, ¿apoyará que se informe al A10273?


¡Gracias! Esperamos con mucha anticipación trabajar juntos con usted para aprobar a A10273.


¿Qué información adicional necesita sobre el proyecto de ley para resolver sus inquietudes? ¿Hay alguien en particular en su oficina con quién nuestra campaña puede dar seguimiento?

Benefits of Driver's Licenses

Expanding licenses would be an economic boom to the State.

Expanding licenses would make New Yorkers safer.

Lowing insurance premiums for all New Yorkers.

Expanding Licenses would further integrate immigrant New Yorkers.

Making life safer and easier for immigrant New Yorkers