Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson works with students, parents, and community members to fight for educational justice, and specifically, to close the PACE program in Poughkeepsie.

The PACE (“Poughkeepsie Academic and Career Excellence”) program represents the worst of educational apartheid: separating out “problem” students into a decrepit building, without enough teachers, without grade-appropriate books, without consultation of parents, and with a growing law enforcement presence leading to increased arrests of students.

Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson cultivates the leadership of parents, students, and teachers who have come together to voice their frustration with and opposition to the discriminatory PACE program.

Our education justice campaign promotes the implementation of equal public school funding and to ensure our children’s right to a “Fair, Equal, Sound and Basic Education.” We are fighting for true transparency within the school districts with the belief that both parents and students should have roles to play in all educational decision making.

We have been sharpening our political analysesspeaking out at school board meetingsprotesting outside the PACE building, and developing a campaign to close PACE as part of the long-term fight for equal education for all.

You can read more about the issues with PACE in this Poughkeepsie Journal article.