Delgado Call-In Day

Call District 19 Congressional Representative Antonio Delgado to let him know we support ALL members of our community and reject the Republican targeting of immigrants!

On Wednesday, February 27, 2019, Democrats in Congress put forward and passed legislation requiring ALL gun sellers to perform background checks on gun buyers. 

Unfortunately, a number of Democrats voted for a Republican amendment (Motion To Recommit, MTR) to the legislation. This amendment requires sellers to specifically notify ICE if an immigrant without proper documentation attempts to purchase a firearm.

This is clearly yet another Republican party attempt to shift the blame for gun violence and crime onto immigrants, refugees, and people of color.

This is additionally disturbing, given ICE’s documented attempts to target, entrap, and lure undocumented immigrants into custody, and ultimately deportation.

Our District 19 Congressional Representative, Antonio Delgado, voted in support of this amendment.

When Congressman Antonio Delgado took this action, he showed a remarkable lack of understanding of immigration issues important to the constituents who supported him. He voted with Republicans to target more people for deportation. Make no mistake about it, this is straight pandering to bigotry and xenophobia.

The push to deport undocumented immigrants threatens the agricultural economic infrastructure in the Hudson Valley. Farmworkers need to be protected.

We must demand that Representative Delgado clearly stand on the side of our most vulnerable community members and stand up for immigrant communities, not contribute to their demonization.

Concretely, we should ask Delgado to support the following initiatives:

  1. Cut funding for immigration enforcement
  2. Hold the Department of Homeland Security accountable for immigration abuses
  3. Support Dreamers & TPS recipients by voting YES on HR 6
  4. Become a co-sponsor of the Agricultural Worker Program Act

Please make a call to Antonio Delgado’s office today (202) 225-5614

My name is (YOUR NAME), and I am from (YOUR CITY OR TOWN). I am one of the thousands of residents in District 19 who support immigrant rights. I am calling to express my (DISAPPOINTMENT, ANGER, ETC) at Representative Delgado’s vote for the Republican amendment to gun control legislation that specifically targets immigrants. 

I would like to see Representative Delgado support the following initiatives: 

  1. Cut funding for immigration enforcement 
  2. Hold the Department of Homeland Security accountable for immigration abuses 
  3. Support dreamers & TPS recipients  by cosponsoring HR 6, the Dream and Promise Act of 2019
  4. Become a co-sponsor of the Agricultural Worker Program Act 

 Can we count on him to support for these initiatives? 

 If noncommittal or unsupportive: 

 What additional information do you need about these initiatives to address your concerns? 

 Whom in your office might our campaign contact with additional information? 

 When and where will a town hall meeting with Representative Delgado be held in my community? 

 Thank you.

Thank you to the following organizations for co-sponsoring this call-in day:

Showing Up Racial Justice Ulster County

Woodstock Immigrant Support