Civic Engagement


We endorse candidates who fight for a New York that works for all of us, not just the 1%. We only endorse in the most strategic races — where our grassroots organizing can be the difference between who wins and who loses.

We conduct non-partisan voter registration and Get-Out-The-Vote activities focusing on people of color, young people, working people, and new Americans.


We combine our civic engagement with our issue-based fights to build our collective power and win meaningful change.

In the Hudson Valley, elections at the local and state-level can be determined by just a handful of votes — and our communities can’t afford to lose to the rising force of xenophobia and white supremacy. That’s why we’re fighting for representative elections by registering voters and increasing voter turnout amongst students, working people of color, and new Americans.

We believe that we can create a Hudson Valley and New York State for all of us!


We make strategic endorsements that come with extensive door-knocking, phonebanking, textbanking, and peer-to-peer outreach. 

We train hundreds of people to canvass, register voters, and make Get Out The Vote calls and texts.

We register thousands of new voters each year to build the electorate.

We educate thousands of members and allies on voting laws, rights, and impact through regular meetings and forums.

We partner with organizations to maximize our impact, working closely with the New York Immigration Coalition and the New York Civic Engagement Table, to ensure a coordinated statewide effort to make our elections more representative of all our communities.

We’re fighting for a full, fair, and accurate Census as a member of the New York Counts 2020 coalition.

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We made over 8,000 calls and sent out over 40,000 texts to "Get Out The Count" for the 2020 Census in two months!
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In less than four months, we registered 1,722 new voters across the Hudson Valley in 2019.
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In less than a month, we contacted over 35,000 voters to increase voter turnout in the local 2019 elections.
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In the months leading up to the 2018 midterm election, we organized over 150 volunteers to register 1,067 voters and make 25,625 personal get-out-the-vote calls and texts.
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