Call Team

Join Our Call Team!

We are building the political power we need to win transformative change in the Hudson Valley and across New York State.

We are fighting to win State Senate races in THREE swing districts so that we can pass statewide legislation for healthcare, housing, and immigration justice!

Join us to make calls for Jen Metzger, Karen Smythe, and Michelle Hinchey. We will phonebank for one candidate at a time — we’ll let you know who we’re calling for before your shift. 

Person to person conversations are proven to be the most effective way to build support for our candidates – so we have a lot of phone calls to make if we are going to flip these seats. Here’s how you can get started!

Step One: Sign Up For A Shift!

Step Two: Watch Our Training Video

Step Three: Complete Our Quiz

Once you’ve watched our training video, it’s time to complete our caller quiz! When you complete the quiz, we’ll send you information to log into Slack and all of our caller support documents. 

Step Four: Login for your shift!

Make sure to put the shift in your calendar! We’ll start off on Zoom to warm up together and debrief at the end of your shift.