Jonathan Bix, Executive Director, ext. 33

Jonathan is our Executive Director and a co-founder of Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson. After graduating from Vassar College in 2014, he became one of the organization's first paid staff members. Jonathan has helped grow Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson into a multi-issue, multi-county, bilingual organization, and he guides its continued development. He loves strategy, project management, self-organization, and mornings. He is inspired by the millions of people around the world—past and the present—who have struggled for a better society, and he is driven by the belief that the arc of the moral universe bends only where groups of organized people make it.

Ignacio Acevedo, Lead Organizer, ext. 11

Ignacio is our Lead Organizer, directing our grassroots organizing, recruiting members, and developing leaders. Ignacio builds the people power we need to win change in the Hudson Valley, his home since 1990. Fearing for their lives, Ignacio and his family left Santa Inés Ahuatempan, Mexico when he was only ten years old. He was undocumented for 17 years, and finally got his papers at the age of 27. When he continued to experience discrimination, fear, and oppression of racism, after receiving his documentation, Ignacio turned to organizing to fight for larger systemic change to shape a different world. Ignacio builds teams of leaders who have the confidence, training, knowledge, and power to lead the struggles for justice in the Hudson Valley. In addition to being a dedicated organizer, Ignacio is an ace photographer and dancer.

Alfredo Pacheco, Organizer

Alfredo came on board as a full-time organizer after having been an integral leader among our membership and his community for many years. Alfredo has lived in the Hudson Valley since 1989. Being undocumented for most of those years, Alfredo experienced profound oppression, which spurred him to start organizing. As a member-leader, Alfredo recruited members, facilitated meetings and trainings, and developed leaders. He envisions a world where people are not afraid to get in a car and drive for lack of driver’s licenses that are made inaccessible to undocumented immigrants, where people are not afraid that there will not be a meal on their table or a roof over their head for lack of money, where people are not afraid to be imprisoned for the color of their skin — a place where people live with freedom, justice, and equality. When Alfredo isn’t organizing, he loves spending time with his wife, two kids, and dog, Aries.

Caitlin Munchick, Development, Communications, & Volunteer Coordinator, ext. 22

Caitlin strengthens our grassroots fundraising program, creates informative and exciting communications, develops a dedicated team of interns and volunteers, and generally keeps the office running. Caitlin fell in love with the everyday work of the office, particularly grassroots fundraising, over the two-and-a-half years she volunteered with Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson before coming on as a full-time staff person in June 2017. She believes that behind-the-scenes work is critical to building the long-term strength and sustainability of grassroots organizations and developing their capacity to build the people power we need to win meaningful change. Caitlin is driven by the love of her family and friends, the vision of a new and different world, the inspiring victories won by people who come together to fight, and a lot of coffee too.