Something special

We’ve had a busy few months.

Since January, we’ve been fighting hand-in-hand with statewide allies for a New York State budget that would actually support and provide relief to regular New Yorkers.

We pushed hard, and our collective efforts paid off. When the state budget was announced last week, our coalition was able to secure a $2.1 billion fund for undocumented workers and others who weren’t eligible for state or federal benefits during the pandemic. We also enacted a more just tax on the ultra-wealthy to invest $4.2 billion over three years in our public schools and locked down a $2.4 billion rent relief program with vital protections against evictions.

We’ve been able to make some big leaps since the start of 2021 — but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Over 100 people joined us for our Healthcare & Housing For All in New York campaign launch this Saturday!

A year ago, our state was rocked by COVID-19. Black and brown communities felt the brunt of it, dying at twice the rate of white people in New York. These inequities have only continued as vaccines have rolled out, highlighting what we already knew — our current system is fundamentally broken. As we rebuild from this crisis, our only option is to build a new system that is deeply rooted in equity and justice for everyone.

That’s why we’re going all in. We have a rare opportunity to secure Healthcare & Housing For All in New York this year. And if we’re going to emerge from this crisis better than we started, we need to fight now.

Be a part of our groundbreaking campaign by signing up here.

We’ve made 100,000 deep canvassing calls in the past two months.

Deep canvassing was first developed during the marriage equality referendum in California, when organizers developed a new model to effectively move people to change their minds about gay marriage. Since then, deep canvassing has been used across the country, with one experiment finding it’s up to 102 times more effective than traditional calls!

We’ve been putting this method to use in our work, with over 300 volunteers since January spending time talking to people across the Hudson Valley about the issues we’re facing and what it will take to solve them. So far, we’ve gotten 75% of the people we’ve spoken to to support our fights for healthcare and housing for all, leading to hundreds of calls to legislators and volunteer sign ups. 

Since January, we’ve added 4 new permanent members to our staff!

This is a big deal. We’ve nearly doubled our staff over the last year, increasing our organizational capacity and opening up opportunities we didn’t have before. Justin, our organizing director, and Diana, our distributed organizer, will be powering our organizing efforts forward, developing a model that combines both electoral and issue-based organizing and reaches millions of folks through calls, texts, and door-knocks. Steven will be leading our communications efforts. His work will share our vision with hundreds of thousands of people and build pathways to bring them into our movement. Brahvan, our new political coordinator, will allow us to translate our organizing power into real, concrete change by educating our members about how laws pass, strategize around campaigns, and strengthen key relationships with organizations and elected officials to build the movement we need to win.

Big things are in the pipeline, and at a time when everything still feels uncertain, our team is more motivated than ever to push forward and realize a world that works for the many, not the few.

We’re fired up and hope you are too.