We will swing an election next year

We are planning to make history next year. Will you help us do it?

For the first time in our history, we will be endorsing candidates for elected office! In 2020, we’ll be endorsing a limited number of candidates in State Senate elections.

The Senate is key to the state’s politics. In 2019, the state legislature passed some of the most progressive legislation in the country, from expanded protections for renters to increased access to voting to taking bold action against climate change. 

We finally won the Green Light bill, giving over 750,000 undocumented New Yorkers the chance to get their driver’s licenses and preventing thousands of deportations from starting with routine traffic stops. 


We only won the Green Light by TWO State Senate votes! 

These victories were only made possible because progressive Democrats finally won control of the State Senate for the first time in a decade, and just the third time in 50 years!

With many toss-up races in the Hudson Valley, we can swing one (or more!) State Senate seats to advance an agenda that works for all New Yorkers. We can make an incredible impact on statewide legislation from immigration justice, to healthcare access, to housing protections, all the way through to climate action. 

Will you join us in shaping New York’s future by donating today?

We just started our electoral organizing program a year and a half ago. In that short period of time, we’ve already engaged hundreds of volunteers to register close to 3,000 voters and contact tens of thousands more voters to increase voter turnout. 

Help us unlock our matching donation of $15,000 and fund the fight!

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We can take on this fight — but only with you on our team.