For all the fathers ❤️

This Father’s Day, we are committing ourselves to the fight to keep families together. Will you join us?

Each year, thousands of fathers are ripped away from their children.Thousands of children live in fear that their parents will be stopped by the police while driving without a license. And thousands of deportations start with a routine traffic stop.

We’re so close to changing this.

We have three days left to restore access to driver’s licenses in New York State. And we are fighting every day to win. 

This a fight to keep families together. This is a fight to make all children feel safe and supported. This is a fight to make sure ALL fathers can be there for their kids and take them to the doctor’s office, pick them up from school, or drop them off at soccer practice.

Will you help us win this life-changing legislation by making a donation?


Today, our supporter has challenged us to raise $15,000 and pledged to match all gifts made up to that point — dollar for dollar. Help us unlock this day match.

Here’s the link:

Sending you love on this father’s day!