Meet our newest staff person!

BIG NEWS! We’ve hired our seventh staff person. Get to know him and catch up with the rest of our work from the busiest month of 2019 yet.


We’re bringing Paul on as our newest Volunteer Organizer. In this role, Paul will work to build our volunteer program, voter engagement projects, and grassroots fundraising.

Paul is a long-time volunteer, fundraising team leader, and donor. Over the past two years, he has played a critical role in developing our grassroots fundraising program through recruiting and managing volunteers, creating and facilitating trainings, and transforming one-time donors into active supporters.

In this time, Paul has come to call Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson his political home where he’s experienced how he can be most effective, as a white person with class privilege, in taking action to build a movement for justice. He believes that folks with social privilege have a stake in ending oppression, and a responsibility to harness their power with passion and accountability to the communities who experience the most harm.

We too believe that everyone has a stake in the struggle for liberation. We also believe that everyone has a role to play in that struggle, and as we’ve taken on more challenges, it’s clearer than ever that we will need thousands of people across lines of immigration status, race, class, and gender standing together to win meaningful large-scale change. We are so excited for Paul to join us in working to make that happen.


Within 28 hours, 385 Middletown residents — for reference, 1.36% of the population — have gotten their municipal IDs. Middletown is the first city of four we passed laws in to start implementing their program. This incredible turnout demonstrates the urgent need for identification and the widespread excitement for this program.

You can read more about the big first day of implementation from the Mid-Hudson NewsTimes-Herald Record, and the Daily Freeman.

Poughkeepsie is up next! Stay tuned for more updates soon.


We absolutely packed Newburgh City Hall. Our sheer numbers got the council to bring our agenda item from 18th on the list to very first item in the meeting. And then, we got them to schedule a public hearing for municipal IDs. On April 8th, we will mobilize Newburgh residents to speak in support of the legislation after which the council will decide whether to vote on it or not.


We took four buses, two vans, and multiple cars full of Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson members and supporters to demand our representatives in Albany take action to expand access to driver’s licenses.

We brought more people than any other organization in the State. Our crew made up a quarter of the statewide mobilization of 1,000 people who marched around the Capitol Building and drew attention to the urgency of this legislation.


From every angle possible, we’ve been working toward the Green Light legislation that would create equal access to driver’s licenses.

We won our seventh Green Light resolution and it’s from the Village of New Paltz. The resolution expresses their support for our campaign and demonstrates the number of people who demand action from our representatives.

We held a forum in Middletown with State Senator Jen Metzger, Assemblymember Aileen Gunther, Mayor Joe DeStefano, and two hundred attendees to educate the public on both the need for and logistics of the Green Light bill, and ask our representatives for their support.

Both Metzger and Gunther expressed their support — but neither of them have signed on as cosponsors of the legislation. We need bold action from the people who claim to represent us instead of concessions to fearmongering and scapegoating. Our communities’ safety and lives depend on it. Demand action from your legislators, sign the petition now!


Our fight for immigration is fought on many fronts. There is so much at stake for our immigrant communities and that’s why we partner with organizations fighting for change at every level.

This past month, we joined the New York Counts 2020 coalition in Albany to demand funding for census outreach to make sure our communities are not undercounted and underfunded. You can learn more about the importance of the census here.

We also joined for a trip to Washington, DC to demand our representatives take action to protect DACA and TPS. We met with Members of Congress, talked with the press, and built relationships with those on the frontlines of the immigration justice struggle nationally. You can learn more about our trip here.