Last Update of 2017

In what we expected to be one of our quieter months, December ended up being full of work across our campaigns for utility justice and immigration justice, planning for a powerful year ahead, and running our most successful fundraising drive yet. So here’s our last update for the year!

Demanding a Clean DREAM Act and TPS Protections!

On a cold and dark morning, 51 of our members and allies got on a 4:30am bus to Washington, D.C. Over 500 of us New Yorkers were traveling in to join the NY Immigration Coalition in a historic action to demand Congress pass a Clean DREAM Act and protect Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Thousands more people came from across the country (some had traveled from as far as California!) to send a message to our representatives: we will not remain silent, we will not accept their complicity in Trump’s xenophobic and violent agenda, and we will not stop fighting for DREAMers or any of the eleven million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. You can check out our YouTube video above, photos on our Facebook page, and coverage by Spectrum news to see what we were doing in D.C.

Energy Democracy Alliance Retreat

Our Executive Director, Jonathan Bix, and Community Organizer, Alfredo Pacheco went to Ithaca this past week to join members of the New York Energy Democracy Alliance for a two-day retreat. As the co-chair of the Base-building and Leadership Development Working Group, Jonathan reported on the group’s progress over the past year and its goals for 2018. Next year, we will work to identify and recruit new groups to EDA membership, develop trainings to increase member leadership, and more to build the capacity and strength of the alliance. Read more about the alliance, its mission, and its members on its website:

Next Up: Kingston

In the past six months, we’ve expanded our membership to Goshen, Middletown, Monroe, and Newburgh, and Kingston is up next! We’re starting 2018 off strong by putting on a series of trainings in coalition with the Worker Justice Center of New York. Our organizers, Ignacio and Alfredo, will lead one training each month for immigrants to develop their leadership skills and deepen their involvement within the fight to make driver’s licenses accessible to undocumented people across New York state.

This article by Cesar Vargas, co-director of the DREAM Action Coalition, contextualizes the battle for driver’s licenses in states across the country and their particular importance as Trump threatens the protections of TPS and DACA. Read more here:

End of Year Celebrations and Sucess! 

This winter, 83 volunteer fundraising team members raised over $52,000 (including a generous matching donation of $15k) from 709 donors, making it our most successful drive ever. This money will help us open a new office, hire another staff person, and expand our membership to more cities across the Hudson Valley in 2018.

Our leaders organized our first end-of-year fundraising party, bringing in over 80 community members to help us reach our goal and celebrate the end of a transformative year! It was a beautiful night shared with our members and supporters, food and dance, and a lot of love. All of us at Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson hope that your holidays are filled with food, dance, and a lot of love too!

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