Introducing a new staff member!

We are happy to announce that our new Community Organizer is our former member-leader Alfredo Pacheco!

Alfredo has lived in the Hudson Valley since 1989, and he was an undocumented immigrant until March of this year. The profound injustice Alfredo experienced over the past 27 years spurred him to start organizing. This is his first paid organizing position, but Alfredo has recruited members, facilitated meetings and trainings, and developed leaders for years.

Alfredo is fighting to create a world where people are not afraid to get in a car and drive for lack of driver’s licenses that are made inaccessible to undocumented immigrants, where people are not afraid that there will not be a meal on their table or a roof over their head for lack of money, where people are not afraid to be imprisoned for the color of their skin — a place where people live with freedom, justice, and equality. You can hear from Alfredo himself in our interview together up on the website!

Alfredo will help us continue to expand our geographic reach, our bilingual capacities, and our immigration justice organizing.

One way you can help create a world where people live with freedom, justice, and equality is by joining our fundraising team as they prepare to ask their friends and family to donate over our Winter Fundraising Drive (November 13th – December 8th).

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