1 New Lead Organizer, 9 New Cities

Our new Lead Organizer is Ignacio Acevedo! He starts this week.

A formerly undocumented immigrant, Ignacio came to the Hudson Valley from Mexico in 1990. The oppression Ignacio faced as an undocumented Latinx immigrant, and the oppression of the Latinx community he saw, first brought him to organizing.

With Ignacio’s relationships, skills, and experiences, Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson will expand its work and membership base to nine cities across four counties.

In Ignacio’s nearly three decades living in the Hudson Valley and recent years of full-time organizing, he has developed relationships and ongoing work with Latinx communities in nine cities across the Hudson Valley. Our organizational focus in the near future will be (1) expanding our infrastructure to meet his existing work—opening new offices and becoming a fully bilingual organization—and (2) adding immigrant justice to the forefront of our work. This expansion will allow us to fully incorporate the Latinx population Ignacio is already organizing into Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson.

This expansion will also allow us to more closely realize Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson’s vision to be a Black and Brown organization united across language and immigration status, and united in the belief that winning racial, economic, and gender justice requires solidarity.

Thank you for making our continued growth possible through your support!

P.S. — We’re holding a fundraising drive to raise $30,000 by August 7 to make the expansion of our work possible. Will you donate now to help us do that? Every donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000! You can contribute at tiny.cc/donateNLMH

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