From Poughkeepsie to Palestine

Image 3-28-17 at 11.10 AM.jpg

Black Lives Matter- Hudson Valley is excited to announce that we are working to bring the play There Is A Field to Poughkeepsie!

This play tells the true story of Aseel Asleh, a young Palestinian man who was killed by Israeli police, and his family’s struggle for justice. Prior to the performance on April 9th, we will be bringing together young black community members to do a 5-day residency where they will learn about Palestinian history and the connections to the Black American experience.

To bring these artists up we need to raise $2,000 by the end of March.

Help us bring Palestine to Poughkeepsie by

Donating HERE (!

When we reach $2,000 our funding will be matched by Donkey Saddle Productions!

Thank you for your support,

Margaret Kwateng

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