Hate Free HV: Hold a house meeting to grow and strengthen the Hate Free Zone in your community!


Sign up to join over 100 Hudson Valley residents who are holding meetings with friends, family and neighbors in order to build a powerful network that can defend communities and resist attacks from the Right in the years to come. A house meeting can be held in your home or in a local cafe, library, community center or any other gathering space.

Many outcomes can result from bringing people in your network together. Participants in your house meeting could decide to:

  • Sign up to be part of grassroots community defense efforts
  • Get businesses and faith leaders to take the Hate Free Zone pledge
  • Support local grassroots organizations
  • And more!

Please fill out THIS FORM by Friday, February 24th in order to register your house meeting and receive a house meeting toolkit. One of our organizers will follow up with you to provide resources and additional guidance.

Again, go to http://bit.ly/2kFCoUp to register your house meeting!

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