We Took the Fight to Central Hudson

Last Thursday, our People’s Power campaign took a huge step forward: we led the first ever community march to Central Hudson’s main office. We brought our demands for justice right to their doorstep.

Tanya addresses the crowd gathered in Central Hudson’s lobby

More than two dozen members delivered a demand letter, occupied Central Hudson’s lobby, and told stories of hardship and struggle. What did Central Hudson do? They called the police. But not before they heard our stories, our demands, and our voices.

Watch the Video:

Member-leader Zakiyyah Salahuddin said it best: “We are being robbed in our community. When questioned, there is no one that can give us answers as to why our bills are so blown up.”

And so our fight will continue, with your help.

 We demanded that  Central Hudson:

  1. Comply with basic consumer protection laws that they currently violate.
  2. End shutoffs of children under age 12 during the winter months.
  3. Delay shutoffs for 5 of our members.
  4. Work out affordable debt payment agreements for 4 of our members.

Each one of these demands protects community members’ most basic housing rights and human needs. 

Central Hudson is now on notice, and our fight is underway.

If you couldn’t make it yourself, take a look at one of our videos, and pass along the news coverage!

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