Hudson Valley Black Lives Matter Coalition

Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson is a co-founder of the Hudson Valley Black Lives Matter Coalition. The Coalition mobilizes around national calls to action from the Black Lives Matter movement, develops the leadership of Black movement participants, and fights for prisoners’ rights from a racial justice and Black Lives Matter movement lens. The Coalition’s work around the murder of … Continue reading Hudson Valley Black Lives Matter Coalition

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Arriving at Central Hudson

People’s Power

Utilities are a necessity for working people. That’s why we’re fighting for affordable, sustainable, and just utility rates and energy policies. If you are a Central Hudson customer, click here to contact us for information on how the People’s Power campaign can help you keep the lights and heat on. And be sure to check out … Continue reading People’s Power

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Movement School

We’re developing leaders for the movement.  Our Movement School project helps us do this by providing political education and skills trainings for our members.  This way, our work goes beyond waging fights or building campaigns– we’re building an organization of leaders from the community. We believe that everybody can and should be a leader.  Our organizing … Continue reading Movement School

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