Immigration Justice

Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson’s Immigrant Justice Campaign fights for justice for immigrants in the Mid-Hudson Valley and statewide in New York state. The Campaign organizes immigrants and allies to win demands such as statewide driver’s license accessibility, municipal IDs, a clean DREAM Act, meaningful protection for all 11 million undocumented immigrants, and other pro-immigrant legislation. Immigrants,…

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People’s Power

Utilities are a necessity for working people. That’s why we’re fighting for affordable, sustainable, and just utility rates and energy policies. The Problem Central Hudson makes massive profits bringing Poughkeepsie area residents electricity and heat. While they look after their bottom line, thousands of people face insecurity and displacement throughout the Poughkeepsie area. Thousands cannot…

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Education Justice

Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson works with Parents and Advocates Supporting Students (P.A.S.S.) fighting for educational justice, and specifically to close the PACE program in Poughkeepsie. The PACE (“Poughkeepsie Academic and Career Excellence”) program represents the worst of educational apartheid: separating out “problem” students into a decrepit building, without enough teachers, without grade-appropriate books, without consultation of…

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